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How Can I Be a Wife of Noble Character?



“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.”

Proverbs 31:10


What makes a woman a wife of noble character? The dictionary defines the word noble as “possessing high ideals or excellent moral character,” while the word character is defined as “the set of qualities that make someone distinctive, especially in qualities of mind and feeling.


By definition then, a wife of noble character can be distinguished by her high ideals and excellent moral character. She is not a weak or occasional Christian, for that would be contrary to her character. Her mind and heart are in accord, always seeking to follow God’s will, not succumbing to sinful temptations or other selfish pursuits.



Practically speaking then, it does sound impossible to truly be a wife of noble character. For what woman can claim that her heart and mind are always in accord, always seeking to follow God’s will? However, I contend that a woman can be a wife of noble character, with God’s help.


Apart from God, true nobility isn’t possible, but with God, through His grace, we can be free of sin by repenting of our sins to God. When we repent and ask God for forgiveness, and seek to turn away from our sin, God cleanses us, enabling us to start out fresh.


There are countless paths to an unrighteous life as a wife of poor character. You and I each know our own weaknesses, and I will not attempt to call them out here. While our earthly husbands are not perfect either, there is One who is, and He is God. Rest assured, that when you call on Him, He is listening and He cares about you. He wants us to be wives of noble character and He will provide us all that we need, if we will only rely on Him.


Pray:  Dear Lord, Thank you for the infinite love, mercy and favor that you have shown to me. I ask you Lord to reveal to me the areas in my life where my mind and heart are not in accord with your will. Help me Lord to turn and run from sin. Show me the way to go Lord, for to You I lift up my soul. Teach me to do Your will and may Your spirit lead me to be a wife of noble character, in thought and in deed. Help me Lord to be far more valuable than rubies. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

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